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Delivering top-notch customer service while creating customized benefits solutions for our clients is the driving force behind everything we do at Centric. You see at Centric, we never view our clients or their employees merely as policy holders, but rather as valued partners with unique and individual needs. One of our biggest points of pride is that we offer the same wide array of services that the mega companies do, we just do so with superior personal service. At Centric, your call will never get lost in a maze of automated options and your email inquiries will never go unanswered.

In addition to our exceptional customer service, we offer a number of premium services that sets Centric apart from the rest:

Centric Benefits Consulting delivers excellent customer service creating custom benefits solutions

  • Client Portal. This portal allows employers to effortlessly click, connect and communicate with Centric. It’s designed to offer you time-saving tools and resources that build convenience into managing your everyday tasks. Whether you want to collaborate with our agency online, quickly access timely news, information and resources, or connect with 400,000 peers in your industry, this is the right tool for you.
  • Customized Benefits Website. Employees and their families now have one-click access to review their benefits plans 24/7 in a private and secure environment. Employees can access the site to choose a general physician or a specialist, download enrollment forms, search for company information, review their compensation packages, and more.
  • Employee Satisfaction Profile. Employee satisfaction is paramount to retaining top employees. Centric can help you measure employee satisfaction and engagement, plus develop strategies to improve these areas. In addition, you’ll have access to fully customizable benefits statement to educate employees on the full value of their benefits and increase employee appreciation of their total compensation.
  • Carrier Analysis/Situation Analysis. Selecting the right insurance program for your employees can be challenging. As such, you must consider a confluence of factors including internal resources, time management, employee education, compliance with federal and state legislation, trend increases, pharmacy costs and increased litigation activity. In order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, you must adopt a total cost of employee benefits management philosophy based on data-driven decisions and globally positioned communications. We specialize in evaluating, negotiating with, and recommending insurers and providers to our clients, and we employ rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives when considering a vendor.
  • Wellness Program Design. Centric is committed to helping you implement workplace wellness initiatives that will reduce healthcare costs and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. After an analysis of your healthcare costs, we will design a wellness campaign specific to your company and employee needs. Through our online services, we can provide payroll stuffers, posters, employee newsletters and educational flyers on health and wellness that will promote employee participation.
  • Retirement Plan Support. Retirement plans can be complex to administer, confusing to employees, and come with a host of legal obligations and regulations. We can streamline that process for you by offering an array of informational articles for plan sponsors, along with tools to educate and promote your offerings to employees.
  • Education & Training. As your partner, we will come into your workplace and conduct employee seminars that are designed to promote healthcare consumerism through education, and reduce high-claim utilization and high-dollar claim expenses. Our seminars provide an excellent atmosphere for team building. Working together, we will determine the topics that best suit your needs and those of your employees, as well as provide appropriate articles and newsletters to keep you informed of hot benefits and HR-related topics.

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